Friday, November 2, 2012

Making a mood board when one needs inspiration becomes at least for me a huge thing! I make them when I need ideas for home décor or wardrobe or just to cheer up. Usually I make very simple ones and set them as a desktop background. But a mood board for a blog is just a great idea; how come I never thought of it, though my blog needs redesign so badly. It is so logic to visualize some kind of guidelines for a content, appearance, atmosphere, colors, and fonts.
Thanks to Blogging Your Way e-courses homework for such an inspiring tasks!
This mood board helped me to define a color palette. I really feel comfortable with beige, gray and faded pink. I also think I need to add some new content except of crafts and handmade things. Want to have girlish, princess-like, tender but not too sweet, blog.


1. Roses by Fashion Osd
2. Queen Consort Collar from BHLDN shop
3. Crochet Linen Rose Brooch by Namolio
4. Red Valentino fall 2012 by Valentino
5. La Petite Rose Necklace in Blush by Nest Pretty Things
6. By Catherine Campbell
7. Snowflake Pin by WanderingLidia
8. Photo form the blog This Is Glamorous
9. Ring by Nora Rochel from
10. Needle Felted Arctic fox by Earfox
11. Crochet Doilies form Design By / Jill La Fleur,
Photography By /
Jose Villa
12.The Black Bear Brooch by Adatine
13. Vespero Necklace by
14. Free Canvas Textures from
15. Lace elements by
poem of Alexander Block "Stranger"

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