Monday, June 3, 2013

furniture redo

Today I want to share with you one inspirational project which is not mine but my mothers. Buffet and chair redo. Actually my mother didn’t plan to show it somewhere in internet so there is no photos “before” or of process. But I have a picture of a wardrobe, which is of the same condition and age just for you to have an idea of how that piece of furniture looked. First the buffet and stool were sanded, than covered with paint and were sanded again to give a little shabby look. The drawings are of my mother’s design and drawn by acrylic paint.


  1. Oh goodness. Paint, yarn, teapots, old furniture. Too many lovely things for me to handle. The paintings are gorgeous, too! Your mother is quite creative, and all the work is beautiful!

    ...And teapots! Now I want to make my collection bigger!

    1. thank you, Elizabeth! such nice words, my mother will be happy to know that someone likes her work!