Friday, June 7, 2013

summer necklace

Recently I had a sudden inspiration. I realized how many beads I have but never use them, how many old necklaces and bracelets I'm not going to wear again. And that's was a lot to up cycle. So today I show you the first example – my new summer necklace made of old bracelet and some random beads left from other projects or occasionally bought on sale.


  1. My goodness, Ms. Uliana, this is a gorgeous nacklace! The colors work so well together, and the different beads are fabulous. Your work is so beautiful. If I had necklace to upcycle, I would definitely give it a try now. Maybe looking into getting some old ones from thrift stores would be worth it soon. =3

  2. and thanks again! I was also surprised that beads work so well together, now I'm thinking about up cycling something else too)